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Fastest Course Allowed

Our course is the fastest course allowed. We have done this by our state-of-the-art design and patented testing platform. We have taken great efforts to make the course easy and fast to complete in one day.

We guarantee your satisfaction and your completion.


Often people wait till the last minute to finish traffic school fearing the abilitiy to complete the course or fear of a long lenght of time it would take to complete the course. We created the fastest allowed course by making it easy to complete.

Traffic school is NOT HARD TO COMPLETE. . It is the fastest course on the list. Feel free to click or call to start the course.


One can expect that we made our course easiest course allowed. Meaning we made the process of completing simple for anyone. No matter what your level of education or your level of comprehension, the course is effortless to complete and can be complete in one day. We provide all of the training material, so you don't need any other DMV licensed training manuals. Each section consists of an easy to read curriculum and a simple 3 to 4 quiz at the end of each section. These questions are similar to what are on the final exam. All licensed traffic schools on the CA DMV traffic school list are required to have a final exam of 25 questions. Our final questions are similar to what were taken in the quizzes you had just taken. Making it easy to complete and pass the final the first time.


Once you complete the course, we will process your certificate electronically to the DMV/Court on your behalf. We have a number of packages options for you to choose from. Some of those services are: 100% guarantee to pass, unlimited retake of the tests, DMV/Court notification when the cert was process by the court.

They don't call us the fastest course on the list for no reason.


"I am so glad I took my traffic school online with one day traffic school, it's so easy and understanding.. It was the fastest course I have ever taken. I really recommend this school... Passed it with a 92%"
Rocio G. - Riverside, California

"Very good.."
David G. - San Diego, California

"Great Traffic School"
Chase B. - Los Angeles, California

"Great Fast Course!"
Robert D. - Los Angeles, California

"Your site makes me want to get traffic tickets :D"
Rosaura M. - Riverside, California

Steven H. - Los Angeles, California

Privacy & Protection

OneDayTrafficSchool.com has never and will never use, sell, distribute or compromise your private information. Our privacy policy applies to all information collected and it's usage with OneDayTrafficSchool.com services. OneDayTrafficSchool.com developed this privacy statement to demonstrate our commitment to protecting your information. This course can be complete in one session or log in and out over multiple days.

Security Procedures

When submiting sensitive information to OneDayTrafficSchool.com, your information is protected both online and offline. Information such as driver's licence number, credit card number, name, address and telephone number filled out during the registration process is encrypted using a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) during and after all transactions and when requesting or dealing with information of a sensitive nature. OneDayTrafficSchool.com allows registered students to edit their information only by contacting us by phone. You will be asked to verify your information for your own protection. If you need assistance please call toll free at (877)245-6972.


OneDayTrafficSchool.com contains links to other websites such as credit card services, delivery services and other businesses. OneDayTrafficSchool.com is not responsible for the privacy practices or procedures of any other company's websites. We encourage our students to read the privacy policy and procedures of each and every website they visit.

Why Use Us?
  • We Process Electronically For You
  • 100% Guaranteed To Pass
  • Complete in less than a day.
  • Log in and out as you please
  • DMV Licensed #: E1892
  • Court Accepted & Bonded
  • 24/7/365 Online Traffic School
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Student Comments

"Very helpful"
Celso H. - Alameda, California

"Thank you, Material and information was very well put together and helpful."
Michael B. - Ventura, California

"good website to finish "
Suresh kumar A. - Alameda, California

"Great class"
Karla I. - Yolo, California

"Thank you. Very informative. Appreciate the opportunity to do business with you. Dwight"
Dwight B. - Kern, California

"The option to be able to take the quiz and test again really helps. Students should always use the above standard package. I became more confident in my study and secure in knowing that I had an unlimited amount of time to review and test. Thank you! "
Angela B. - Solano, California

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"Good course and a little humor is well received :)"
Daniel W. - Orange, California

"Many misspellings and grammatical errors."
Christina R. - Sacramento, California

"Very good website and easy to use."
Pauline S. - Los Angeles, California

"very simple and easy to do."
Wanda J. - Los Angeles, California

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