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Student Comments

These are real comments from real traffic school students. 99.9999% of our customers are satisfied. Read below and see for yourself. We post the good, the bad, and the ugly.

"test was good "
Marisa T. - Riverside, California

"Course was fun and informative."
Ronnie C. - San Bernardino, California

"Thank you for helping get through this"
Cornalia B. - Ventura, California

"so test phobia but your test cured me!!!!! Thank you for making this doable "
Davida B. - Santa Barbara, California

"Great Training Course...Thanks"
Earnest D. - San Mateo, California

Aaron C. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent course, valuable information!"
Patricia K. - San Bernardino, California

"very good web. ill recommend to my friends "
Maria M. - Los Angeles, California

"Definitely will recommend this source for any one who is need of online traffic schooling. All information was very helpful and definitely useful. Thank you."
Laura R. - Los Angeles, California

"Very informative and very helpful. Thank you very much."
Percis E. - Los Angeles, California

"Awesome experience - thank you! Bryan"
Bryan G. - Los Angeles, California

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"I would recommend this online course to my family and friends."
Tammy T. - Riverside, California

"great class. helpful"
Carlos G. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you very much. I would highly recommend this site to others"
Kritika G. - San Diego, California

"Online course very simple, very easy. Will recommend to anyone."
Adell L. - Sacramento, California

Holly A. - Los Angeles, California

"great course"
Karlie H. - Sacramento, California

"Thanks, very helpful."
Selcuk K. - Orange, California

"Good job!!"
Nildane B. - San Francisco, California

"Very easy to use!"
Stephen S. - Orange, California

"Everything about this course was easy process and appreciate not jumping through hoops!"
Mitchell D. - Sonoma, California

"Easy course. Some fun humor."
David B. - Stanislaus, California

"Tons of great information. Easy to read and absorb knowledge"
Benjamin L. - Plumas, California

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"Nice one day school. Thanks"
Ethan P. - Contra Costa, California

"learned new Rules that i wasnt aware of "
Ismael A. - Kern, California

"In the section discussing stopping distances. The numbers did not add up. Perception distance 3/4 second @55mph = 60 feet reaction distance at 3/4 second @ 55mph =60 feet. Braking feet was a bit confusing, but the last sentence says @55mph it would take 70 feet to stop. That does not add up to the 310 feet it says it takes to stop in the conclusion. I might have missed something in the content, but i read it a couple of times Thank You"
Douglas B. - Kern, California

"Excellent school. Recommend. "
Robert C. - San Diego, California

"Why do I need to evaluate? A driving class is what it is. This material is difficult to get through in that presentation is boring."
Terrance H. - Orange, California

"Great web site display user friendly, keep up the good work! Thanks"
Javier M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course thank you. "
Andras G. - Alameda, California

"It was best and most informative traffic school in my life and I learned a lot and it make my DMV Final test so easy, Thank you so much "
Amir C. - Los Angeles, California

"Very easy and very interesting learned quite a few things! I recommend this course thank you Oneday!"
Giselle J. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course, easy to navigate & understand. Not boring at all. "
Karina M. - Los Angeles, California

"Good learning website perfect material. "
Adrian M. - Imperial, California

"Yes I'm satisfied with the class my name is Rosetta Allen thank you so much"
Rosetta A. - Solano, California

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"I had a question before reviewing the options on the site. I did not receive an answer on the phone but the site was easily navigated and I was able to find the answer quickly and make the change."
Jessica T. - Orange, California

"It was very good to review things about driving that I take for granted. When I get in my car and drive now I feel I am a more safe driver. For myself and others. Still feel I got an unnecessary ticket. (I bet you never heard that before). But the silver lining is I took this traffic class and I’m a safer driver now. Thank you guys."
James G. - Los Angeles, California

"always excellent."
Jyoti P. - Kern, California

"Thank you "
Laura H. - Alameda, California

Amania P. - Alameda, California

"Thank you "
Barbara N. - Los Angeles, California

"Great app"
Antoaneta P. - Los Angeles, California

"I just wanted to say I really appreciated the content and found it helpful while also enjoying the witty, lighthearted and engaging style of the author.'I laughed out loud a few times. Good refresher course and keeping aware and vigilant."
Casandra P. - Riverside, California

"Very thorough! I hope i did not need to contact the school regarding any questions!"
Robert G. - Los Angeles, California

Jesse S. - San Diego, California

"Very nice course easy to follow keep me interested."
Lan H. - Los Angeles, California

"Good course, thank you"
Richard G. - Sacramento, California

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Juan L. - Los Angeles, California

"GREAT TEST .. Thanks so much for creating such a FAIR..and HONEST test.. to HELP me learn MORE INFO..about what I needed tolearn.. S"
Dale B. - Ventura, California

"I feel relieve,am thankful that I were able to complete it."
Samiel M. - San Francisco, California

"Thank you "
Michael B. - Orange, California

"very organized and easy to navigate website "
Karla A. - San Luis Obispo, California

"so glad i am finished and I learned how to be a better driver . thank you "
Denita H. - Mono, California

"thanks for the course"
Abhi G. - Colusa, California

"Very good course, appreciated the humor, too. "
Lloyd P. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent traffic school program, thank you!"
Dinesh Clarence L. - Contra Costa, California

"Thank you so much."
Romeo A. - Los Angeles, California

"Website was great. Covered material and needed information professionally."
Melinda O. - El Dorado, California

"Excellent. Thank you!"
James S. - San Diego, California

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"was cool "
George M. - San Bernardino, California

"Thank you"
Bertha R. - Tulare, California

"Spoke to Mike who really helped me with registration. Kind and patient...hooray Mike!"
Barbara S. - Los Angeles, California

"There were at least two times "she" was used instead of s/he. Both situations were negative and I do not think "she" was necessary. "
Mary W. - San Diego, California

"This was a fun and great class. Easy to understand."
Andrew W. - Alameda, California

"Thank you!"
Baldev D. - Los Angeles, California

"Everything worked fine very satisfied "
Harvey K. - Los Angeles, California

"I really loved One Day Traffic School, and would recommend to my friends and family. It was cheap fun and easy as advertised. "
James K. - Los Angeles, California

"Enjoyed my experience with OneDay Traffic School. Thank you!"
Hyung Y. - Los Angeles, California

"There are a couple typos you might want to clean up at some point, but nothing that seemed critical to me."
Matthew T. - San Bernardino, California

"Course was completely online and easy. "
Richie L. - Alameda, California

"The course was fine. Worked well online. Glad it's over"
David B. - Los Angeles, California

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"For most of the course yes, but I had difficulty keeping the signal requiring me to log in repeatedly. At one point I was unable to log in and contacted technical support and spoke to Mike, who successfully guiding me in resolving the problem. I was thankful technical support was available after 5 pm on a Friday. He was very very patient, extremely helpful and had several means to present to address and resolve my difficulty. Thank you Mike,"
Lori R. - Riverside, California

"Excellent Website for online traffic school!"
Omar B. - Los Angeles, California

"Mikes the best thanks king!"
Felix R. - Los Angeles, California

"I was able to complete this course at my convenience, NO TIMED pressure! I will say the system needs to be redesigned where after each section title is completed and to move on to the next section it's confusing at first and wasted time being consumed."
Wanda B. - Los Angeles, California

"Pricing shown is deceptive."
Hector T. - Los Angeles, California

"An excellent refresher for driver awareness. Website easy to navigate. Excellent website."
Marque B. - San Bernardino, California

"great course!"
Dillon G. - San Diego, California

"traffic school made easy. "
Manpreet B. - San Joaquin, California

"This is a well structured site that is easy to use and understand."
Duke P. - Santa Clara, California

Ivan R. - Shasta, California

"Lots of good information and pretty easy if you read the material. Thanks"
Lisa B. - Sacramento, California

Sumit K. - Los Angeles, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"I would definitely recommend One Day Traffic School!"
Carol K. - Los Angeles, California

"Great experience "
Arnold P. - Riverside, California

"The course was very informational and I enjoyed the course. "
Israel P. - Stanislaus, California

"thank you"
Elijah V. - Los Angeles, California

"This is great !!! "
Eleazar B. - Orange, California

"there were plenty of technical issues when clicking "begin test" after reading a course and clicking "grade test" after completing the questions. After clicking "grade test", i would often be brought back to the table of contents. Then when clicking the course i just finished reading, i would click "begin test" and get a time delay/ "
Ai T. - Contra Costa, California

"Thank you so much"
Siria R. - Orange, California

Darius P. - San Joaquin, California

"thank you."
Abdul F. - San Luis Obispo, California

"Great Course, Thank you!"
Christopher C. - San Joaquin, California

"Nowhere in the various NTHSA can I find that 80% of accidents are the result of driver distraction. "In the United States alone, 25-50% of all auto vehicle crashes are directly related to driver distraction." I therefore contest the result of your question on the number of accidents related to driver distraction. "
Christophe G. - Riverside, California

"like the training but would off made it more fun if there was a voice intergrated in the reading part it take a wile reading everything. "
Jose A. - Orange, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"Thank you for the helpful course "
Zachariah E. - Ventura, California

Hardeep S. - Alameda, California

Damian G. - San Mateo, California

"Thank u I am not computer literate n this was very very easy 4 me. Thank u "
Susan M. - Riverside, California

"Great explanation "
Ana P. - San Joaquin, California

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