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Student Comments

These are real comments from real traffic school students. 99.9999% of our customers are satisfied. Read below and see for yourself. We post the good, the bad, and the ugly.

"Thank you!"
Gabriela K. - Mono, California

"easy to use"
Amanda zuyami C. - San Francisco, California

"great program"
Javier G. - Ventura, California

"The course is easy to navigte."
Angelita E. - Sacramento, California

"Great, informative course! Thank you!"
Pooja S. - San Francisco, California

"everything is doing fine. thank you!!!"
Abner I. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks for making test taking so easy and knowledgeable!"
Jessica V. - Alameda, California

"I only called because I couldnt get online The course was very helpfull I learned some good info "
Patricia O. - Shasta, California

"Great Course!!!"
Roschanel K. - San Bernardino, California

"Had a little trouble with the access of the test and quiz taking but other than that it was smooth, and very understandable."
Ashley L. - Los Angeles, California

"Yes, Easy and helpful course I would recommend it to anyone."
Buddy L. - Riverside, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"A very pleasant responder to.my call!"
Nadine B. - Riverside, California

"Thank you for the very informative and refreshing course."
Payal P. - San Diego, California

"Very user friendly...."
Reggie M. - Contra Costa, California

Glenn S. - Sacramento, California

"great service!! thank you!"
Alejandro D. - Kern, California

"I only asked one question and received the answer very promptly."
Mary s B. - Riverside, California

"Very Fast and Easy course. I highly recommend it "
Stephany S. - San Bernardino, California

"Thank you"
Brandon O. - Solano, California

"Very informative and not boring. Easy to understand and the exams questions are on point and easy to answer."
Jaime B. - Los Angeles, California

"I am very lucky to have a stranger who recommended me to enroll this traffic school. I am 100% satisfied every single lesson and the texts were very easy to understand. "
Tu T. - Sacramento, California

"I wish I could do better!"
Conchita D. - San Mateo, California

"It was a refresher and I learned a few thing I forgot."
Alison A. - Los Angeles, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"thank you"
Momo S. - Alameda, California

"See Collision Avoidance, Factors Contributing to Traffic Accidents. Duplicate stat. This item and percentage listed twice. Operation of vehicle in carless manner"
Sue S. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank You for giving me the chance to complete this at my home it means alot. - Rashaun Knox"
Rashaun K. - Alameda, California

"Thanks you "
Trinidad P. - Orange, California

"The best online traffic course I have taken so far!...Great course and fantastic service! I highly recommend this online course to friends!"
Mohsen A. - Los Angeles, California

"Very easy and basic. loved it"
Shelly F. - Stanislaus, California

Lisa ann R. - San Diego, California

"thank you "
Tedral B. - Contra Costa, California

"Excellent program ! User friendly. Quite educational and fun, too. THANK YOU !"
Eric C. - Orange, California

"Course has a lot of detailed and helpful information. "
Erven L. - Orange, California

"this course was very user friendly i will tell people about it"
Moreland E. - Kern, California

"One Day Traffic School came in clutch! It allowed me to get my Traffic School certification one day before my due date. The course provides great information and an even better testing standard. "
Isaias F. - Ventura, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"Great job I learned a lot of new rules and law. Plus, this was a great refresher and awareness of a lot of things we do that is distracting. We come complacence with driving unsafe as bad habit. "
Rosemary D. - Solano, California

"Great presentation"
Dennis B. - Sacramento, California

Marisol B. - Los Angeles, California

"The coursework was easy to follow and a good reminder of the common sense rules of the road"
Donald M. - Madera, California

"Great Course!"
Archie A. - Los Angeles, California

"very nice "
Badsha S. - Los Angeles, California

"great tes, thank you "
Romulo D. - San Mateo, California

"Very Good Course!! Well put together! What else do I need to do, for this to be registered with the courts, etc?"
Marcus J. - Los Angeles, California

"I would recommend this course to anyone!"
Efrem R. - Riverside, California

"I put in the wrong country district, instead of north county it's actually Central Division (Court code 37480)"
Gabriela M. - San Diego, California

"Thank you"
Ashley G. - Riverside, California

"The course was easy to navigate and great material provided."
Anna V. - San Diego, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"All good!!! "
Liam F. - Mendocino, California

"Very clear, concise, and professional. Thank you! "
Ricardo C. - Fresno, California

"The Course was easy to go through... I would definitely recommend it anyone!"
Anjan S. - Orange, California

"Thanks for a great course!"
Dawn K. - Alameda, California

"I am very satisfied with the answers and explanation of One Day. Traffic School. My rating is 10 very satisfied."
Bernie P. - Riverside, California

"great course"
Dion D. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent web design and software performance. Been driving for years and years and, yet, found I didn't know about several driving "things" I missed along the way. Great job One Day Driving School!"
Joseph F. - Ventura, California

"thank you"
Gabidolla K. - San Francisco, California

"Thank you!"
Gary D. - San Bernardino, California

"I searched up school on the dmv website no need to contact instructor as everything was easily put on website"
Estefani M. - Riverside, California

"So fun. Read the laws which would have proved I didn't deserve the ticket... court too complicated with CoVid closures. Enjoyed authors tone :) and scenarios <3 Made an irritation enjoyable... Thanks!! Liz H, Murrieta, CA"
Elizabeth H. - Riverside, California

"Thank you!"
Anthony L. - Tulare, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"This is an excellent course with lots of good information on new DMV rules. I was particularly impressed with the writing style and skills of the author to communicate some very serious material with a light and optimistic perspective. Thank you for putting together a very well thought-out and comprehensive training program."
Ronald A. - Alameda, California

Eduardo V. - Los Angeles, California

Gwendolyn B. - Los Angeles, California

"Great online Traffic School!"
Robert L. - Ventura, California

"It was pretty simple"
Luis L. - Alameda, California

"It was a great class to take. Very helpful."
Cammy J. - Yolo, California

"Great class"
Evan L. - Solano, California

"very happy with this traffic school site"
Pooya O. - Orange, California

"Very helpful in updating some of my knowledge. Most items are intuitive, but you have to read the questions carefully. That was my main mistake when taking the test. VERY GOOD OVERALL."
John F. - Los Angeles, California

"I want to greatly thank One Day Traffic School for making this process simple and VERY thorough! Greatest traffic school I've used."
Raul G. - Riverside, California

"absolutely fantastic course easy to understand I will be a much better driver because of this course."
Gerard B. - Los Angeles, California

"Was easier then I had expected. Good coarse."
David G. - Riverside, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"Great materials for refresher course in driving I recommend that every body must take this course. "
Julia A. - Orange, California

"Love the course, so well organized and material is easy to read and understand. I learned a lot. Thank you!"
Andie D. - Orange, California

Thelma O. - Shasta, California

"Thank you...Excellent."
Joseph a H. - Sacramento, California

"Great course "
Gregory C. - Riverside, California

"Very best course online for traffic school! Thank you so much! Please submit my passing (due date is today, sorry and thank you!)"
Andy L. - Los Angeles, California

"After this what's next"
Jeremy C. - Los Angeles, California

"This Was Very Easy, You Can Comprehend Everything On Here. Definitely Would Recommend This To Someone!"
Shyanne C. - Riverside, California

"this was great i was scared to take this class. but it was great."
Kathrina P. - Solano, California

"Awesome Course"
Sylvia C. - Riverside, California

"Thank u"
Raymond L. - San Bernardino, California

"Course was easy and understandable."
Juan A. - Imperial, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"I’m happy I’m done"
Keenan R. - Sacramento, California

Hubert V. - Santa Clara, California

"I enjoyed the course. "
Thomas B. - Los Angeles, California

"The course was easy to follow and I enjoyed logging in every time I was able to study for the final exam. It took me awhile, but I was able to finally complete the course. "
Cricket L. - Alameda, California

"This is a great course!!"
Cameron N. - Los Angeles, California

"Great refresher. Thank you."
Nicholas S. - San Bernardino, California

"This was a great course. Will you be sending my info to DMV to get the points of my record for my driving ticket? Please confirm with me at my cell phone at 310-849-3504"
Kelly S. - Los Angeles, California

"Perfect training course "
Dina C. - Imperial, California

"I did have issues when trying to select my answer. It did not affect the outcome of my test."
Jami S. - Stanislaus, California

"My eyes is getting bad... blurry... thank God I made it though, I thought it could be hard with out the live instructors... It’s good after all!!! "
Emperatriz G. - San Diego, California

"informative "
James K. - San Mateo, California

"Thank You!"
Michael M. - Monterey, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"Thank you for having a good service."
Trina N. - Los Angeles, California

"Very pleased with the coarse slot of useful information in each section of the coarse. "
Jonathan S. - Riverside, California

"A nice refresher course on rules of the road!"
Kelvin T. - Orange, California

"This was a very good course. Mike was very very helpful. I would recommend this course to friends and family."
Gangdeep V. - Fresno, California

"Great course. "
Kenneth M. - Kern, California

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