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Student Comments

These are real comments from real traffic school students. 99.9999% of our customers are satisfied. Read below and see for yourself. We post the good, the bad, and the ugly.

"Informative and refreshed my on some rules/laws"
Armando M. - Sacramento, California

"Great Class and easy to navigate through."
Nate C. - Fresno, California

"Great course it really helped me reminding me of the importance of safe driving , its easy to understand and ill definetely would suggest it to any friend , good expirience and it doesnt take too long to complete"
Carlos L. - Los Angeles, California

"Very insightful! Thank you for all the information provided !"
Alejandro R. - Los Angeles, California

"good learning material"
Rajashankara N. - San Joaquin, California

"Conversational approach to traffic safety was highly enjoyable. Thank you for the course! "
Gary S. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you"
Scott C. - Riverside, California

"Great refresher course and study material!"
Kenneth C. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you, woth the time"
Carole H. - San Bernardino, California

"Straight forward "
Jordan K. - Los Angeles, California

"Such a quick and great course "
Jessica M. - Kern, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"really good course"
Marissa R. - Yuba, California

"When I called, someone answer right away and was able to kindly and professionally answer my questions."
Jessica R. - Plumas, California

"Great coarse, thank you!"
Ashley L. - San Luis Obispo, California

"Good times, good site! Thank you!"
Joseph C. - San Bernardino, California

"The course was very informative and easy to follow."
Rebecca R. - Ventura, California

"It was helpful online class and I learned a lot."
Farhat M. - Sacramento, California

"Easy well taught and quick and easy to complete best traffic school"
Thomas A. - Los Angeles, California

Wen yu F. - Alameda, California

"The instructor was so helpful and walked me through how to apply for Traffic School, and answered all my questions. This course was so helpful because it wasn't overwhelming. I was able to take break and come back. After reading each section I took a 2-3 questionnaire and it was easy to remember. So I definitely would recommend this One Day Traffic School to anyone. Plus - It was really helpful to learn so much rules and to help me personal be a better driver. "
Raquel W. - Los Angeles, California

"I have learned my lesson"
Juan B. - San Bernardino, California

"Great help"
Joshua S. - Orange, California

"great site."
Orion N. - Mono, California

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"I loved this course, being honest I learned a lot and it was for sure not boring, some times it was funny. THANK YOU"
Diego M. - Orange, California

"This was simple, easy and affordable. Website was easy to navigate and I did not need any information because the website provided all I need and all requirements for completion were easily accessible "
Victor E. - Los Angeles, California

"The traffic school material was easy to digest and all test questions accurately recalled the course without a play on words to try and fool you. "
Anthony S. - Los Angeles, California

"very good school."
Deep Mala S. - Alameda, California

"Thank you!"
Cynthia W. - Los Angeles, California

"informative,quick. good experience "
Derek D. - Shasta, California

"Thank you , Was very good, Thanks "
Pamela B. - Los Angeles, California

"Easy to register and course was straight forward. I would recommend to anyone who has to take the traffic school"
Jose R. - Sacramento, California

Jose de jesus J. - Tulare, California

"it was great"
Manoj G. - Orange, California

"Very well put together. "
Justine S. - Los Angeles, California

"The customer service was great. I have made a mistake when entering my info. I called in and was able to speak with someone right away and had it corrected. Thank you!"
Santos P. - Los Angeles, California

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"I was told to use the traffic school code "56100" but there was no place to enter in this code."
Bryan O. - Ventura, California

"Thank you"
Samiuela F. - El Dorado, California

"thank you. informative and easy"
Samantha Z. - Ventura, California

"great traffic school!"
Leslie P. - Imperial, California

"Easy to navigate "
Cindy M. - Los Angeles, California

"It was a good course"
Adam B. - Los Angeles, California

"Everything was great "
Ryan C. - Shasta, California

"everything very easy not complicated thanks"
Francisco M. - San Mateo, California

"I learned a lot and because of it, I am a better driver. Thank you!"
Karla M. - Los Angeles, California

"I did end up learning interesting things and I feel better equipped to drive safely! There were a lot of things I needed a refresher on, and even some information I didn't know before. Plus the course was really engaging and well written, I had a fun time learning with you. Thank you especially to whoever the writer is--you made me laugh :)"
Riley M. - San Diego, California

"Easy and quick way to do traffic school online. Highly recommended."
Carmen L. - Kern, California

"10/10 would recommend for a friend if they were to use a traffic school or are in need of one."
Tim B. - Riverside, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"Great program"
Saul C. - San Diego, California

"Definitely will drive more cautiously, and keep myself going at the speed limit. No need to rush life when the destination your going to won't disappear."
Matthew N. - Los Angeles, California

"Great website and great school to rely on and I will definitely recommend this school to other friends and peers. "
Sayed obaidullah J. - Santa Clara, California

"Excellent School! It was a great refresher and also learned a few and new things."
Alan glenn reyes F. - Orange, California

"Comfortable website to work with."
Henkameh K. - Los Angeles, California

Erin D. - Orange, California

"Would recommend to anyone looking for traffic school"
Luis R. - Orange, California

Mohammad tamim S. - Contra Costa, California

"Thank you "
Edgar C. - San Bernardino, California

"This course was amazing. I would not change a thing!"
Brandon M. - Los Angeles, California

"This was a great traffic school. They made everything super easy and understandable for me."
Justin T. - San Bernardino, California

Hector H. - Shasta, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"No comments"
Kenneth N. - San Joaquin, California

"Great course"
Sandhya R. - Alameda, California

"easy to follow with straight forward info."
Jonathan O. - Alameda, California

"very Knowledgeable"
Gary L. - Solano, California

"this was a great course."
Sean C. - San Bernardino, California

"Great traffic school! I learned a lot!"
Richard G. - San Diego, California

"great class great imformation "
Jose B. - Orange, California

Maria d B. - Riverside, California

"Very informative, quick and easy to use. I would highly recommend this course to family and friends.."
Jeffrey D. - San Bernardino, California

"Question 14 wording was misleading. The final asked “what are some of the recommendations”…….. the course information wrote that it is the law that motorcycles have their headlights on……then it wrote that it recommended wearing bright clothes. I answered the question based on the what is “recommended” because that was the wording used in the question. Motorcyclists having their lights on is a legal requirement not recommended. The wording in your questions should be improved to remove recommended."
Mouna G. - Marin, California

Tam V. - Alameda, California

"it was verry nice course easy to read thank you"
Roy l T. - Del Norte, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"The information was useful"
Laura C. - Riverside, California

"Good course. Practical application of the laws. "
James D. - Ventura, California

"Thank You One Day."
Joshua B. - Kern, California

"It was great and I re-learned a lot!"
Jennifer B. - Riverside, California

"Easy registration, easy log in, and great material"
Theresa G. - Amador, California

"super simple, straightforward and easy to understand"
Martin A. - Los Angeles, California

Jody P. - Sacramento, California

"thank you "
Mark P. - Orange, California

"I thoroughly enjoyed this website and would recommend it to my peers!"
Audrey H. - Kings, California

"A good course. straightforward and to the point"
Raymond E. - Yolo, California

Gurpreet S. - Alameda, California

"Very good test. I learned a lot."
Albina F. - Los Angeles, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"Very satisfied with this course! Five stars!!"
Oskar F. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course. Easy to do"
Aaron P. - Butte, California

Diego P. - Riverside, California

"Very easy course to navigate."
Zoe ann M. - Monterey, California

"Great informative course!!!"
Nancy H. - Ventura, California

"The course directions were easy to follow and complete"
Julie K. - Orange, California

"I was very satisfied with this One day traffic school. It was easy to read and understand material. I liked the questionaire practice quiz after reading the sections before the actual exam. The lady who answered the phone reading this traffic school was kind and patient with me even if I asked her the same question more than once "how much did you say the fee is for this traffic school? $13.95". You know I was happy I lost my job 1 month ago I've had no money i had to borrow money so low price, simple clear material not too overwhelming, and I passed my test!. Thank you One day traffic school!."
Natasha K. - Solano, California

"would recommend to anyone, so that we can all learn how to be better drivers."
Adrian G. - Kern, California

"The only issue I had was a technical issue of not being able to access the tests for some reason. I called the service line and received a call back promptly. I would only suggest to not have the number show up as a 1800 number for callback because I almost didn't answer. "
Jennifer D. - Santa Clara, California

"I would recommend this traffic online course. "
Jessica G. - Los Angeles, California

"great course "
Javana V. - Stanislaus, California

"This was a very easy way to do this!"
Cecilia grace M. - Riverside, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"i already recommended this course to a friend. i had to call in twice. both people on the phone were really nice and helpful. "
Sally P. - Santa Clara, California

"Thank you for the course. I did learn a couple of things even though I have had a drivers license for over 60 years."
Cliff B. - Mendocino, California

"Keep up the good work."
Clarence B. - Sacramento, California

"thank you, very easy!"
Jazmin V. - Los Angeles, California

"This online course is very informative and easy to navigate, but I hope I never have to use it again. NO OFFENSE!!!"
Joe C. - Ventura, California

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