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What does traffic school do?

Traffic school serves as an effective mechanism for mitigating the impact of driving record points, or more precisely, concealing them from insurance providers through a discreet process within the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) database. This strategy allows individuals to effectively mask up to one point on their CA DMV driving record every 18 months.

The procedure entails enrolling in an accredited traffic school, such as One Day Traffic School, subsequent to obtaining authorization from the court. By successfully completing this traffic school, individuals can navigate the complex process of managing their driving infractions while safeguarding their driving history and insurance premiums.

Understanding the Traffic School Process

Following the issuance of a traffic violation, the court dispatches pertinent documentation via mail, outlining the fine payment procedure and options for contesting the citation. Should an individual opt not to contest the violation, they typically submit the fine payment through conventional mail or, in certain instances, avail the convenience of an online payment system. In many cases, individuals acknowledge their offense, proceed to settle the fine, and endeavor to minimize further investment of time and effort into the matter.

Navigating the Traffic School Process

  1. Payment of Fines and Enrollment: Upon settling fines and opting to pursue the traffic school route, individuals can commence the process by enrolling in a DMV-licensed traffic school, such as One Day Traffic School. The registration procedure is straightforward, requiring essential information like driver's license details, case number, and due date. Once registered, the course can be accessed for commencement.

  2. Course Completion: Participating in the traffic school curriculum involves reviewing material that often encompasses familiar knowledge. The content can be navigated with relative ease, with quizzes featured at the end of each section, comprised of uncomplicated driving-related questions. A final examination concludes the curriculum, reiterating concepts previously covered. Our confidence in your success is reflected in our course guarantee, assuring a pass or a full refund.

  3. Certificate Submission and Monitoring: Post successful course completion, we facilitate the electronic submission of the certificate to the DMV on your behalf. The process concludes at this juncture, requiring no further actions on your part. We extend additional benefits to our students, offering the option to receive notifications from us regarding the status of their ticket masking procedure at both the Court and DMV levels. Our commitment involves daily monitoring of their systems to inform you once your ticket has been successfully concealed.

Streamlined and Efficient Process

Engaging in traffic school presents a seamless and expeditious approach, with completion achievable within a single day. By embracing this process, individuals not only manage their driving record points but also enhance their insurance record, all while minimizing disruption to their daily lives.

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Student Comments

"they could have worded it a little better for people that have learning disabilities like myself and most of the screen wasn't able to be seen I had to imagine what it was saying so check that out and correct it. and one other thing some of the questions asked would confuse a professor so please be conscious that not everyone taking these classes are very smart do some for disabled students as well."
Lorraine W. - Alameda, California

"I love this online traffic school test and I would recommended!!! I passed yayy me!!"
Alberto A. - Orange, California

"School was extremely helpful and used scenarios to help understand the laws. "
Deceny J. - Los Angeles, California

"Simple Fast and Easy!"
Angela F. - Kern, California

"Thank you. Over all good experience."
Sanjay R. - Inyo, California

"great course"
Kieni T. - Alameda, California

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"finished the course in less than 1 hour. thank you Ace (customer service) for the GREAT Help. "
Jonalyn B. - Los Angeles, California

"The course was well written. It was entertaining such that I remain engaged but also very informative such that I was reminded of the law."
Charlotte G. - Orange, California

"This was a wonderful course. Thank you."
Charlene L. - San Joaquin, California

"Great site. Unfortunately i have used it before, and if needed i'll use it again! Love the author's sense of humor; She makes learning not so bad."
Christina S. - Riverside, California

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