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Student Comments

These are real comments from real traffic school students. 99.9999% of our customers are satisfied. Read below and see for yourself. We post the good, the bad, and the ugly.

"N/A. "
Rocio E. - Santa Barbara, California

Manjit K. - Los Angeles, California

"Good instructions"
Rohit D. - Alameda, California

"I submitted a technical question about pending status for a section after I completed it. I did not receive an answer back but the issue corrected itself after I completed the next section. All is good."
Lawrence F. - Alameda, California

"I liked the attitude of the writer and her admitting that she was a recovering distracted driver. "
Julie Morgan M. - Riverside, California

"this online course for easy to follow."
Amrit N. - Fresno, California

"very good"
Paramjit R. - Alameda, California

Matthew H. - Fresno, California

"Credible and useful content presented and tested appropriately."
Douglas S. - Orange, California

"No comment"
Jabari W. - Fresno, California

"Thanks so much for a straight forward course."
Christopher O. - Los Angeles, California

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"Great course"
Donald S. - Mono, California

Marlon L. - Los Angeles, California

Ghino M. - San Mateo, California

"Easy course. "
Octavio A. - Kern, California

"The course was a very good course and interesting. I learned a lot and will implement what I have learned. I would definitely recommend this course to others. Additionally, It was very easy to register and navigate."
Sandy S. - San Bernardino, California

"Excellent course and easy to register and follow directions!"
Stacy D. - Riverside, California

"easy access online tool"
Jules caesar legada B. - Los Angeles, California

"Short and to the point, thank you."
Humayun Q. - Ventura, California

"The course actually stayed with me while I was out driving. It has already changed and improved my attitude on the road. Thanks!"
James B. - Marin, California

"Very fun and intuitive course! Thanks! "
Jin S. - San Mateo, California

Jonathan M. - Orange, California

"Well organized and meaningful"
Claudia S. - Ventura, California

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"Great class and so informative"
David F. - Ventura, California

"Great course, very informative."
Kyle paul P. - Ventura, California

"Quick, easy and affordable! "
Kristina M. - Sacramento, California

Francisco F. - Imperial, California

"all answers have an 10 score thank you"
Daniel V. - Kern, California

"I was a little apprehensive about taking the course. I had a few technical issues but had to be patient with the upgrades. Ultimately, the curriculum and tests were beneficial as a refresher course. I passed, Thank you."
Irma E. - Orange, California

"leaarned quite much information."
Hector joel G. - Los Angeles, California

"Great Course! Thank You"
Tony P. - Santa Barbara, California

"This driving school was very thorough and a very informative way to re-educate drivers such as myself as to the rules and safety habits, precautions, laws, and overall dangers to avoid and prepare for on the road, whether a new or experienced driver."
Amir A. - Santa Barbara, California

"I am satisfied with the course and I have learned a lot."
Oscar M. - San Bernardino, California

"Nice and interesting Module"
Ismaila m I. - Alameda, California

"loved this website so helpful and alked me through everything thank you"
Alondra A. - Imperial, California

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"great course"
Kieni T. - Alameda, California

"great opportunity"
Michael S. - Orange, California

"Good online school. Keep it up!"
Josefino J. - Alameda, California

"very informative, easy to read and understand. you can complete the course at your own pace."
Rhea mae K. - Orange, California

"very good!"
Jarrett K. - San Diego, California

"Thank you !"
Artemio I. - Los Angeles, California

"This course was very helpful to remind us to be a good obedient driver."
Socorro q H. - San Mateo, California

"This is a great course that was easy to follow and complete."
Nivardo J. - Los Angeles, California

"All was OK"
Kakhaberi B. - Orange, California

"Straight forward content and easy to navigate."
Jorge G. - Madera, California

"great course i learned alot "
Jana O. - Orange, California

"thank you!"
Payton W. - Ventura, California

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"The instructions were clear and easy to understand. Course was detailed yet quick to follow."
Gabriela S. - Ventura, California

"I like this course. I hope I don't have to EVER take it again!"
Christopher M. - Imperial, California

"A bit wordy and long, but helpful!"
Stephan L. - Kern, California

"I really enjoyed the style of writing for this course. It was enlightening, interesting, helpful, and easy to read. I noticed about 3 typos while taking the course. Just thought I would mention it so you can fix them if you'd like. "
Kathleen B. - Yolo, California

"surprisingly good insight and cost-effective, and quick. i am glad i paid a few dollars more for this course instead of a different website."
Jason D. - Los Angeles, California

"The course was on point "
Jose G. - Tulare, California

"Fabulous course!!!"
Jason G. - Orange, California

"very good"
Roderick S. - Santa Barbara, California

"This website was easy to navigate; questions at the end of each section were easy to understand. I would recommend this site to my family, if they need to go to "Traffic School." "
Barbara S. - Sacramento, California

"Easy. Thanks"
Joseph N. - Monterey, California

"Thank you kindly"
John I. - San Bernardino, California

"Very easy to understand the material. "
Hug L. - Alameda, California

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Byron G. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course I really enjoyed a re-fresh of topics"
Deandray W. - Los Angeles, California

"Very informative thanks!"
Edward E. - San Diego, California

"Thank you for helping me set up for this course. I passed"
Karen R. - Riverside, California

"I was nervous but the course was very educational and helpful. easy to read and questions were not that complicated."
Saddam A. - Merced, California

"i am happy that i pick this school, learn a lot and got my test only ones the i pass the test. thanks you for the OneDayTrafficSchool"
Fely flor C. - San Bernardino, California

"So easy and quick. Thanks!"
Nadia T. - San Bernardino, California

Steven S. - Santa Barbara, California

"Made very convenient and affordable. Very informative!"
Ivan L. - Inyo, California

"My driving to deal with aggressive drivers will be applied. "
Frank H. - San Bernardino, California

"Great course. I learned a lot and in a short amount of time."
Cristobal Z. - San Bernardino, California

Dean C. - Orange, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"great course, very easy exam. thank you "
Armen H. - Los Angeles, California

Cenise L. - Orange, California

"Excellent course, thank you."
William T. - Orange, California

"Simple yet educational program,easy to navigate. "
Clifford J. - Santa Barbara, California

"Very informative material, the author did a great job and made this course enjoyable."
Christine C. - San Bernardino, California

"Good course "
Alex R. - Fresno, California

"Great course overall. Though I've noticed a glitch. When I did not "pass" my quiz first time around, I would be prompted with re-doing the section as appropriate. But whenever I got to finishing my 2nd attempt on the quiz and clicked to "grade exam," I would be re-directed back to home page, section still pending, thereby having to redo the section and retake the attempt a 3rd time before finally being show the final score and completion of the section. Hopefully my concern makes sense in writing. Otherwise, everything else worked fine. "
Alyson N. - Orange, California

"Ten thanks"
Jeimy L. - Colusa, California

"great program"
Andre R. - Madera, California

"Very good school, thank you"
Hytham B. - Sonoma, California

"good course, easy and instructive"
Andrew E. - Alameda, California

"Great class"
Diego N. - Contra Costa, California

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"Fast and Easy"
Nitin K. - Ventura, California

"Great course! Convenient and easy to navigate and complete. Thanks!"
Glasford G. - Orange, California

"Thank you."
Marc S. - Inyo, California

"Very easy and quick way of completing traffic school "
Kathya L. - Orange, California

Angelo H. - Sacramento, California

"It was very interesting going back reading all about driving after so many years being licensed"
Santiago M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great website, easy to follow and understand. thank you"
Michael S. - San Diego, California

"Great online course!"
Tina marie S. - Sonoma, California

"That is great for me . I like that one day traffic school. Thank you!"
Munyneadh V. - San Mateo, California

Matt B. - Mono, California

"thank you."
Peyman A. - Los Angeles, California

"I like the fact that whenever I called I got a live person to talk to never once a recording or A.I. Felt refreshing to know if I did have any question doing the exam, they were their and always courteous. "
Darryl D. - Kern, California

Ready to complete traffic school?

"Really easy to get through, thank you. "
Vanessa A. - Orange, California

"great courses and tests"
Ihab A. - Alameda, California

Terry S. - Riverside, California

"Great website"
Dejie Y. - Alameda, California

"Great job!"
John B. - Los Angeles, California

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