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CA DMV Licensed Traffic School List

Trying to find an approved traffic school on the CA DMV licensed traffic school list seems almost impossible. One of the reasons is because the DMV does not want traffic schools to utilize the words DMV approved. The proper usage of the wording is DMV licensed. The court should have clarified this when giving you the paperwork. What makes it even more difficult to find a school is the fact that their are over 900 traffic schools on that list.  How do you picke the best school from that list, or truthfully, the quickest!!! Who wants to spend more time than they need to on doing traffic school. Our course was created to be the fastest the CA DMV will allow. Our state of the art course is designed for you to learn as you go and pass the final exam the first time. If you have been driving for a while much of the curriculum you already know.


"Thanks. Easy and Informative."
Guillaume Marie Dominique o F. - San Luis Obispo, California

Hector V. - Riverside, California

"great Class"
Justina B. - Placer, California

"Thank you for helping me to get a better understanding of safe driving behaviors and traffic laws in California."
Vincent H. - Los Angeles, California

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CA DMV traffic school critics have ranked our school #1 for traffic schools in California. Out of 4000 schools on the list, we know we meet the customers needs.


Signing up and completing the course is easy. We offer competitve pricing and state of the art education that can be complete in no time. It is really that easy.


After registering, one can quickly read through the curriculum and take the quiz for that section.  After all the sections are completed, there is a final exam with similar questions to the quiz questions you had just taken. When you are done with the final, we will send the certificate to the CA DMV for you.

The course is so easy, it almost feels like you are cheating, however, the course is set to the standards set by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The course is licensed by the CA DMV, on the DMV traffic school list, and the CTSI approved traffic school list.

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Take our DMV licensed Traffic School for FREE, and see for yourself!!! Stop wasting time on the CA DMV List. We are licensed by the DMV in the state of California and have provided services for over 15 years.

Helpful links for the CA DMV licensed traffic school list

California Courts Website

DMV Traffic School List

CTSI's California DMV Licensed Traffic School List - Certified CTSI Links

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Student Comments

Jayson S. - San Mateo, California

Cyrus S. - Riverside, California

"Very helpful, fast and great for me! Its hard finding time when you're in college and work fully time! Thank you One day traffic school! "
Anthony D. - San Joaquin, California

"Thank you for a nice and easy website to browse and complete my online traffic school requirement. "
William H. - San Bernardino, California

MIGUEL F. - Yolo, California

"Thank you"
Sandra V. - Madera, California

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"Overall it was a great course. "
Alejandro S. - Los Angeles, California

"I really enjoyed this online traffic driving school course alot. This is my first time taking a traffic course online, and I was pleasantly surprised that i feel i learned more online than in person traffic school. There is more in depth explanations than when i have completed person to person traffic school. I also love the price and the options given to retake the final exam several times. THANK YOU AGAIN!"
Blanca B. - Los Angeles, California

"very easy. learned ALLOT"
Sam R. - Contra Costa, California

Florencio V. - Imperial, California

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