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Don't Be Like These People On The Road

With the hustle of daily California life one can easily forget considerations to safety first. Some of the causes of accidents, tickets and road rage are:

  • Racing Robert
  • Monotonous Mark
  • Angry Alan
  • Late Lance
  • Who cares Chris
  • I own this road Johnny
  • I know the law Marcy

We have all seen these drivers and for the most part they are all culprits to accidents, tickets and road rage.

Racing Robert

"Racing Robert" is the guy who is always in a hurry for no reason. For the most part he races around everywhere with no concern for pedestrians, other cars, or even the law. He figures driving around fast makes him cool. Unfortunately for "Racing Robert" at some point it always catches up with him. You also might find "Racing Robert" riding around with "Angry Alan", "Late Lance" or possibly, "I Know The Law Marcy".

Solution: If you are "Racing Robert", you might consider driving the speed limit. The posted speed limits are posted to give all drivers a guideline to follow when you are driving in a particular area. What most don't consider, is why these speeds are posted in this specific area. We all know that driving around schools with children present is 25, but have you considered why the speeds are set for the other speed limits. Don't be a "Racing Robert" and follow the speed limit; they are posted that speed for a reason.

Monotonous Mark

"Monotonous Mark" drives to work every day paying no attention to what is going on around him. You will find him also doing the same thing on his way home. Just driving from point a to point b. "Monotonous Mark" sometimes gets into avoidable accidents. Mainly because he was not really watching what he was doing.

Solution: Pay attention to the what's going on around you when you drive. 50% of accidents are caused by "Monotonous Mark" types. A number of accidents could have been avoided, had the drivers been paying attention.

Angry Alan

"Angry Alan" is mad at everyone and often mistakes peoples kindness for anger towards him. He is just too angry to realize anything other than the world around him is against everything he does. Angry Alan is always getting into road rage confrontations and does not even realize it is happening. It is just part of his regular routine.

Solution: Take a breath before you get into the car. If you constantly seem to be getting into road rage predicaments, you might consider some quiet meditation time or even an anger management class. Often "Angry Alan" does not even realize that he is an angry driver and refuses to listen to the loved ones around him. As for me, I don't even want to ride with these people. They are trouble waiting to happen. Don't be an "Angry Alan".

Late Lance

"Late Lance" is always late for everything. Mainly because he doesn't have good time management.

Solution: If you are a "Late Lance", try preparing for your car trips 15 minutes earlier. It will make all the difference and you won't get caught driving with "Racing Robert" or possibly "Angry Alan". Some good time management techniques consist of working your to do list backwards and settings times for each, or preparing a little earlier. The internet provides a number of other tips that can help get you on track.

Who Cares Chris

"Who Cares Chris" drives around thinking he is a good driver and everyone should just drive like him. He doesn't care much for the other drivers on the road. "Who Cares Chris" will cut people off and tailgate you and worse, "Who Cares Chris" doesn't even know he is doing it.

Solution: Try being a little more concerned for your fellow drivers. Give others on the road some room and don't follow too closely. I don't know if you have ever been in a car where the guy is right on your tail, but it is annoying. Best tip for these people is take your foot off the gas and slow up a bit. Hopefully "Who Cares Chris" will go around you. However, make sure there is room for them to pass and don't slam on your brakes.

I Own This Road Johnny

"I Own This Road Johnny" is a little like "Who Cares Chris" in that he too has no concern for anyone on the road; however, I own the road Johnny does it with a little bit more of a deliberate cause. You might find "I Own This Road Johnny" with "Racing Robert". They like to think they are in the Grand Prix and are out to win the race. They may win something, but it will probably be a ticket and possibly some jail time for reckless driving.

Solution: Be concerned of your fellow drivers. Take your foot off the gas; you're not in a race. They make tracks for that and they would love for you to come and make them money.

I Know The Law Marcy

"I Know The Law Marcy", does what she wants. She feels she is aware of the rules and just drives and does whatever she wants in light of the law. You might see her on the side of the road arguing with a police officer.

Solution: Don't argue with the police officer. You aren't helping your case and this is not the way to get yourself out of getting the ticket. The officer might walk away from the ticket, if you are kind and give a logical reason to why you did what you did. Sometimes the police officer did not see the debris in the road that you just swerved around. Don't be a Marcy. Sometimes she talks herself into a night in jail.

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