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Traffic School You Can Speed Through

So, you got a speeding ticket and now you want to get this over and speed through traffic school. Not a problem! Our course is designed with the customer wants in mind. We are California DMV Licensed, Court accepted, and bonded. Our course is the fastest the DMV will allow. Start in the morning and be done before lunch. The course can be completed in less than a day. It really can be that quick and easy.

Completing Is Easy

Signing up for traffic school and completing your ticket is easy with our state-of-the-art program that helps you to speed through our traffic school. We do this by prepping you for the final exam with the quizzes. Once you complete the course we will send the certificate to the DMV electronically on your behalf. It sounds easy because it is. Most of the course is review information you already know. Sign for free and see for yourself.

Not Convinced Yet?

We offer a 100% Guarantee to Pass. You don't pass and we will refund all of your money no questions asked. Why do we offer this guarantee, because we are a 100% sure you can pass our course. Our program is setup to be easy and completed the first time. Again, we do this by making the quiz questions similar to the final exam question, so how hard could it be to take basically the same test twice. Completing traffic school today couldn't be easier. 

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Protection Of Your Information

Everywhere you look in California people are concerned about the security of their information and the protection of their credit card information.  One Day Traffic School uses the latest in Internet security for our students of traffic school in California. We do this by offering the latest TLS/SSL certificates available today. You can be assured that our California traffic school will never sell or share your information. We do not store or keep your credit card information in our database for your safety.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is the course easy?

A: Our DMV Licensed Traffic School was designed to be easy and completed in one day. However, you can do it over many days by logging in and out as you please.

Q: How much is your traffic school?

A: Our cheap traffic school is competitively price compared to other schools. Use promo code: SAVE7 to save even more.

Why Choose Us?
  • Complete the course today
  • Instant DMV Confirmation
  • Certificate Sent Electronic
  • Fastest course allowed
  • DMV License #: E1892
  • Complete in one sitting
  • Guaranteed to pass
  • Unlimited Retesting
  • DMV/Court notification offered
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